A team challenge for children in 24-hour care

From 9am on Friday 24 May until 9am on Saturday 25 May 2019, the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge will bring over 1,000 participants together to keep our treadmills in continuous motion for 24 hours. Teams will compete on 36 TRUE treadmills donated by NOVOFIT.

An inspiring atmosphere is created when celebrities, DJ’s and massage crews motivate teams while they complete a challenge for children in 24-hour care. The around-the-clock activity steps up a notch after dark by going bright and neon at night.

Only metres away from the TRUE treadmills at Very Special Kids Hospice, children with complex medical needs will be receiving specialised nursing care. Our hospice is the only facility of its kind in Victoria and offers families access to planned and emergency respite care. It is also a place where children can receive end-of-life care in peaceful surroundings.

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